Emily Munford

‘I’m responsible for overall client management, getting to the nub of their needs, being objective and keeping a strategic overview. I’m keen on clarity of delivery: what the client actually needs and how we can achieve that. When the client, the team and you are happy, you know the work is flying.

I have been in digital for 20 years. I was Head of Digital for the RSPCA, Director of Marketing and Digital for Sightsavers and MD of Wired Sussex. Digital used to be a sector. Now it’s just what you do. I’d like to see ‘digital’ disappear from job titles.

I have managed big teams across central and local government, agencies and charities, but a smaller, all-senior team like ours is more rewarding. Every action has an impact; everything is shared, accountability as well as the return. I love the buzz of helping people.

My ethos is to work with respect, empathy and congruence. If those three things are working, connection comes. It’s about joining the dots at every level: personal, practical and technical. Connectedness is not an airy-fairy concept – it is the best way of getting business done.’