Maria Hilton

‘I manage the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for our clients – the optimisation, reports, client queries, ad creation and ongoing adjustments. PPC is immediate; you can get results back from the first day and use that to influence other marketing strategies. It’s a good testing ground for other channels. PPC is a highly technical field, with constant updates and better ways to do things. I make sure we are always running the latest features for all our clients.
We focus on making sure clients get the most bang for their buck from the PPC budget, analysing and adjusting campaigns continually to make them the most effective they can be.

Connection directly influences my work. In the PPC sense, it means cross-pollination between clients. When you see what is working for one account, you can try it out on another. You are constantly learning lessons in PPC and applying it elsewhere. You can see how you are directly growing people’s businesses. You can never get bored; it keeps you on your toes.’