On the side of the SEO angels

In every industry there are those who seek to make money by less than honest means. In the SEO world, these are people who try to trick search engines into believing a website is something it isn’t – this is sometimes called ‘black hat’ SEO.

Common techniques of black hat SEO include posting spam on blogs and placing links within the templates of other sites. The major search engines have published best practice guidelines to discourage this behaviour – and are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their regulation. Practising SEO that sticks to the guidelines has become known as ‘ethical SEO’.

What is Ethical SEO Ltd?

At We Are All Connected, ethical SEO is so important to us that it used to be our name: Ethical SEO Ltd. For us, it has always been about much more than sticking to a set of guidelines. It is about being honest and transparent in everything we do. There is no wizardry involved – just effective communication, relationship building, creative thinking and a lot of hard work.

However, as we grew and took on more clients from an exciting variety of sectors, we realised that while the wider implications of ‘ethical SEO’ were clear to us, they weren’t necessarily for the people we wanted to help. At the same time, we were broadening our own horizons beyond even our generous definition of the term – into PR, social media, editorial planning, and media advertising.

We talked about how the projects we were doing showed just how much we were all connected and how everyone needed to understand that, and work to make those connections stronger, better, more productive. And so We Are All Connected was born; but ethical SEO is still a big part of who we are, and it always will be.

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