Robin Dally

‘Technology has always been hugely exciting to me – from being a child, trying to fix my BBC Micro, to seeing thirty years later how it’s helping us join the dots, to connect with each other in new ways. I value the democratising potential of technology, which I first became aware of while working at the British Council in 1999.

We have a commitment to being open and honest, both with clients and internally. That’s part of connecting. Being conscious of my individual impact inherently influences what I do. Positive action has positive effect, even in the small things. I like to take care over making good coffee for people.

Fairness is the most important value for me. It motivates our commitment to flexible and part-time working. Time outside in the garden with my family is important – nurturing, nourishing. It’s office/garden balance, more than work/life balance.

No one really questions our name. It is a belief that resonates with people. Connection is about science and technology as much as a human or spiritual understanding. It’s about acknowledging the repercussions for our actions.’

Founding Director

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