Private Equity International

PEI is a specialist information group that focuses only on alternative asset classes.

Formed in London in 2001, the company now has more than 200 employees producing a portfolio of publication brands, as well as related products and services which saw the business turn over approximately £27.2m in the last financial year.

Typical ROI ranged from 1,000%-2,000% on digital advertising campaigns

Organic traffic increases for all nine websites ranging from 50% to 250% growth, following successful migration to a modern CMS

Online revenues for the business more than doubled

What we did

We Are All Connected started working with PEI in 2014.


  • Helped fix the technical SEO issues causing the websites to lose traffic
  • Conducted keyword research to inform new website structure
  • Provided information architecture and on-page SEO recommendations for new websites
  • Delivered ongoing SEO support and training
  • Managed website migrations for nine PEI-owned sites

Digital marketing

  • Delivered a digital marketing strategy including focus on paywall issues
  • Provided ongoing digital marketing consultancy

Digital advertising

  • Managed PPC and other digital advertising for their global events

Social media

  • Created social media strategy to guide the company’s approach to Twitter

Our main five websites had been losing traffic for around six months due to some difficult technical SEO issues. We Are All Connected has provided invaluable advice and support, which has completely turned this around. We are now seeing solid growth which has increased our sales and revenue. The journey has been an enjoyable one.

Jonathan Perry, Marketing Director – PEI

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