Katie Fewings

‘As a writer, I support clients with their content, key messages, tone of voice and style. As a consultant, I map out their social connections and see how to make communication more efficient and effective. I’m a creative person, but I also love the nitty gritty – spreadsheets, analysis, measurement, tools. I’m really interested in social listening and user experience, understanding where our connections are and how users feel.

Connecting people and concepts has always been important to me. It’s how I naturally approach life. My background is in languages, finding ways to remove barriers to connection. I have set up lots of projects and been involved in community initiatives such as Playing Out, Action for Market Towns and Our Ethical Network. I enjoy putting things and people together in a way that makes sense.

It’s essential to be a good listener. I do a lot more listening than talking. New clients are often missing out on things because they aren’t as connected as they could be. We help with that. Connection makes life better.’