Hays Mews Capital

Hays Mews Capital are experts in alternative investment, fixed income and wealth management, creating tailored solutions for qualified, retail and institutional investors around the globe.

Their enterprising but warm approach, coupled with a breadth of knowledge that spans a range of asset classes, enables them to deliver significant returns over set timeframes.

Generated 150 leads within the first 3 months of paid social activity at £39 cost per lead

Real-time dashboards set up tracking BDM and advisor activity, from calls made to meetings sat

Automated sales operations to ensure timely follow-up with leads and visibility of their sales journey

What we did

We Are All Connected has been working with Hays Mews Capital since November 2023 to onboard their team onto HubSpot, create and evolve dashboards and reporting, and automate and support sales operations. In January 2024, we launched and now manage ongoing their digital advertising campaigns.

HubSpot onboarding

  • In-depth discovery and research to get a clear understanding of the business goals and objectives to inform our initial setup of the platform
  • Support with user management, including permissions and sales seats, and account management, checking limits and exploring options for increased functionality
  • Creating new properties, workflows, lists, reports and more to put Hays Mews Capital in a strong position for launching increased sales activity from April 2024
  • Regular and ad hoc video calls to guide members of the team through HubSpot management and success
  • Recorded videos on specific HubSpot tasks for the team to access whenever they need them

HubSpot CRM & Marketing Automation

  • Extensive support and strategic input on the overall use of HubSpot CRM and marketing automation
  • Contact record customisation – agreeing then surfacing the most important information for different types of users
  • Creation of new properties, workflows and lists ongoing to meet the needs of the client – streamlining all activity and making it more visible
  • Liaison with web designer to optimise landing pages and forms
  • Event workflow support to manage sending of invites and follow-up, as well as post-event feedback capture
  • Support with automation of TrustPilot review requests

Sales operations automation

  • Based on the client’s brief, created a guide and recorded videos for the Sales team to support them through the new processes they needed to follow in HubSpot
  • Instigated a system of tasks and reminders through workflows to support adoption of the process.
  • Regular follow-up with the client to optimise this system – removing tasks for what has become habit while adding tasks for new sales requirements
  • Researched call integration options to find the most frictionless experience for the Sales team
  • Ongoing support via video call, email and Slack on all sales operations activity

Reporting & dashboards

  • Creation of initial set of reports and dashboards to meet client’s needs as sales activity increased in April 2024
  • Ongoing evolution and adaptation of these reports to bring transparency and visibility to sales process, lead source, and deal management
  • Examples include reports on number of calls per week over 3 minutes’ duration, number of leads awaiting followup, meetings booked, sat or cancelled, revenue generated per advisor, deals per provider

Sales funnel management

  • Advised on Lead Status and Lifecycle, Lead Pipeline and Deal Stage flows and management, then put in action a largely automated process to keep contacts moving on their sales journey
  • Lead source consultation and setup of workflows to provide data for reporting on which sources generate most revenue
  • Lead quality consultation and automation where possible

Digital advertising

  • Created and managed lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook, including ad copy
  • Consulted on ad creative and tailored landing pages
  • Recorded video and ongoing guidance to navigate and understand the Ads reporting area in HubSpot