Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can deliver results fast and reveal target audience behaviour. But to get the most out of it demands an attentive eye and close management. This is what we offer.

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How we manage your B2B advertising campaigns

We make sure we understand your goals, and what your customers want, to set you up for success.

For your digital advertising to deliver results fast, we take a personal approach to ad management.

  • Individual attention
    We’ll check in with you. It’s good to talk and important too when it comes to keyword research, cost per conversion, and your broader business goals. We listen hard then take those insights and use them to optimise your campaigns. We never just set and forget.
  • Test for best
    Whether it’s boosted posts on Facebook, Google Ads to book a demo or start a trial, or LinkedIn lead generation ads based on high quality content, we want to use the channels, messages and imagery that resonate best with your audience. Testing on all these counts early and often helps us meet this goal.
  • Understand the buying journey of your customers
    We’re experienced in targeting potential customers at every stage of their buying journey. From the helpful guides they want at the research stage to the eye-catching nudge they need to start a trial when they’re further down the funnel, we tailor our ads to meet them where they are.

We Are All Connected ran our PPC campaigns for four years. It is a major source of new business for us and has helped us to achieve our successes, including being the fastest growing accountant in the country, to grow from having 50 to 180 staff, and making it into the Tech Track 100.

Darren Fell, Founder & CEO

Testimonial from - Crunch


More than the cost per click

Get more than you paid for with an agency that analyses the data.

For us, digital or PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising isn’t just about the cost per click. Done well, you get so much more:

  • Understand (quickly) the messages that resonate with your audience.
  • Gain insight into your industry – which tactics work best for different customers?
  • Try out new ideas before changing your wider digital strategy.
  • Showcase your brand wherever your customers are, whether that’s Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or other media outlets.

When we manage your campaigns, we will regularly share the insights we gain. We can then explore together where to go next.

Monthly digital advertising budget

Our managed digital advertising service starts from £700 a month.

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