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  • Is your website doing what you want it to?
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  • Do you find the idea of managing web designers and developers overwhelming?

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What makes a great website?

  • Easy to use – Great sites let people find what they’re looking for fast. They’re easy to navigate, work on a phone, tablet and computer, and are filled with useful, up-to-date information.
  • High quality content – The best websites publish well written, original content that their target audiences find helpful and interesting.
  • Makes people want to find out more – Your website should give people a great first impression of your business, and make them want to learn more about you.
  • Attractive – You need appealing, responsive web design that’s a good representation of you and your values.
Website design and development

As experienced digital marketers, we’ll make sure
your website does all these things and more.

Web design and development services

WordPress CMS

We use WordPress as our platform of choice for its ease of customisation and simple admin interface.

Website hosting

We offer secure and fast website hosting services with our trusted partners for speed of service and reliability.

Hubspot landing pages

We can integrate your Hubspot forms with your website or create landing pages to support your marketing goals using Hubspot’s own CRM.

Website design

We design our websites to be responsive, user friendly and make your content shine.

Information architecture

We can help improve the information architecture of your website – its navigation structure, URLs, and overall layout – with a view to improving user experience.

Website maintenance

We can help with website technical support, content and SEO updates.

How we manage your website development project

We create websites that help your business grow. To do that we:

Get to the root of the problem

We won’t build you a new website if you don’t need one. We’ll look at what your current website could do better, and if it makes most sense to improve what you have, that’s what we’ll do. Sometimes a simple WordPress web design created by an experienced WordPress developer is the most efficient solution.

Never lose sight of your objectives

We make sure your goals are at the heart of every decision, and that your website will help you achieve your aims.

Are digital marketers first

We create websites that help deliver your digital marketing strategy, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and attract new ones too.

Run a painless process

We make designing and building your website easy for you by project managing the whole process. We give you as much or as little advice as you need, and make sure there’s plenty of time to incorporate your feedback.

Talk your language

We won’t use a load of technical jargon you don’t understand. We’ll talk to you in plain English about your project so you know exactly what’s going on.

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We are a web design agency based in Brighton in Sussex but serve clients across the UK.

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