Sales Operations Automation

If you’re responsible for Sales Operations, HubSpot is a dream come true, bringing transparency and ease to your processes. Tell us what you want your Sales team to see and do, and we’ll set up HubSpot’s automation and reporting capabilities to meet those needs.

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Smooth sales with HubSpot

What we do

Reporting & dashboards for sales transparency

We’ll give you visibility of your sales team’s performance, from number of calls made, leads waiting for follow up, or meetings booked, to league tables of revenue generated. And if you need a last-minute report for the board? We’re on it.

Reminders & notifications for timely follow-ups

Share your sales process with us and we’ll create the notifications and reminders to nudge your team to complete key tasks, calls and follow-ups. Regular check-ins enable us to optimise them for your team over time.

Sales journey automation

From lead status to lifecycle stage, meeting sat to contract sent, it’s invaluable to understand where your leads are on their sales journey. Through close consultation with you, we establish lead scoring and automate lead progression to give all parties confidence in their lead data.

Sales sequences

Effective outbound and lead follow-up demands sequences so nobody is forgotten. Our sequence setup includes email, call suggestions and tasks. If desired, we can support with email creation too.

Training & ongoing support

From sales playbooks to training via recorded videos or live calls, our support ensures everyone on your sales team is up to speed. Day-to-day support is there for you for any HubSpot sales operations queries that crop up.

Testimonial from Improved Apps

I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with We Are All Connected. From the moment we engaged their services, they displayed a level of professionalism and expertise that exceeded our expectations. Their team helped integrate HubSpot into our complex Salesforce Org, a task that seemed daunting at first but was executed flawlessly.

Simon Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder

Testimonial from - Improved Apps