Content Strategy & Creation

Finding out what’s important to your customers then creating and sharing useful content on those topics is the essence of a successful content strategy. Ready to get started?

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Building a B2B content strategy

Your target customers have questions. Find out what they are, and give them answers with added value, and you’ve got the makings of a strategy that works, and converts.

We’ll build the strategy with you step by step, based on the questions your customers ask, developments in their industry, searches they make online, and the websites and social platforms they prefer.

You’ll then be in a place to:

Taking the time to listen to our goals and concerns, the We Are All Connected team gained a strong understanding of our niche solutions that enabled them to create content and marketing assets of exceptionally high quality.

David Veal, Senior Executive – Client Solutions

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How we work

Create the content your customers need. Share it where they are.

So, how do we make sure we aren’t just adding to the noise?

  • Only produce useful content
    We’ll only write things your customers will find interesting and that help achieve your goals.
  • Work with great writers
    Our team of writers are expert in producing high quality, well researched content that your audience will want to read.
  • Showcase your expertise
    We’ll interview your experts and executives and turn their expertise into great content your customers will value.
  • Think commercially
    We’ll get to know your customers and the language they use when they search online. Everything we write will include the right terms to make sure people find you (SEO).
  • Select the right channels
    Your chatty blog post might work best as a boosted post on Facebook but that in-depth guide on the impact of new industry legislation may work better for a targeted audience on LinkedIn. We think carefully about where and when to place your content for the best results.
  • Analyse the data
    With each piece of content we’ll be using our analytical tools to see what is getting views and engagement, what isn’t, and why. Then do more of what works!
  • Find a solution that works for your business
    Whether you want help with ideas, planning, strategy, writing, or training your own writers, we can do whatever you need.