What can SEO do for a B2B business? Build brand awareness, put your products in front of your audience, and demonstrate your expertise.

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SEO that works for your business

A key part of the SEO strategy we develop with you is to uncover the terms your customers use.

Once we’re speaking your customers’ language, we build a content plan to target the right terms with the right type of content, whether that’s blog posts or comprehensive product guides.

And of course, we’ll be tracking and reporting on performance to see where we need to optimise further.

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From the outset, We Are All Connected has provided an extremely high calibre of SEO consultancy. We found that their expert advice has greatly strengthened our rankings and given us a powerful, sustainable strategy to meet our future goals.

Helen Long, Marketing Manager

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More than just keywords

You know you’ve got the right words on the page but search engines want to see if other websites agree.

When your website gets a link from another, search engines see this as a thumbs up for your content, and value your website more highly. Over time, this builds your authority and your website’s search rankings will improve.

We support B2B businesses with a digital PR strategy to achieve this, promoting your expertise and newsworthy content to relevant websites.


Let’s get technical

What goes on behind the scenes can be just as important as the words you see on the page.

Technical SEO may not be exciting but if it isn’t done well you can wave those first page search rankings goodbye. We check the nuts and bolts for every website we work on so you don’t have to, from site speed to 301 redirects to duplicate content issues.

Our main five websites had been losing traffic for around six months due to some difficult technical SEO issues. We Are All Connected has provided invaluable advice and support, which has completely turned this around. We are now seeing solid growth which has increased our sales and revenue. The journey has been an enjoyable one.

Jonathan Perry, Marketing Director

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